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Ouzman IP excels in providing quality advice on managing and protecting your intellectual property. We are a small company allowing individual attention to each client and prioritising client satisfaction over potential profit is instilled in our ethos. Our expertise covers all intellectual property- from patents and trademarks to designs and copyright- whilst also providing the best possible advice on the associated protection.


Our passion is for IP- patents, trademarks, designs and copyright- to be protected and used commercially.


We are client-focused and take care to understand your business.

uniquely tailored

We take the time to get to know your business to ensure the advice is uniquely tailored for you.


We are chartered UK and European patent and trademark attorneys.


We specialise in providing clear and understandable advice to individuals, small start-ups and SMEs.

Clear Costs

We will always provide a quote on request and aim to make you aware of costs beforehand.


We are hugely experienced in IP strategy, prosecution and management.

best outcomes

We aim to ensure that our clients maximise their intellectual property, so they can obtain the best possible outcomes for their businesses.

Latest News and Updates

BREXIT and IP. How will the outcome effect YOUR business?

With just one week left to go, the BREXIT referendum is nearly upon us, but have you given any thought to how a BREXIT might affect the IP of your business?

Patent Strategies – Some Thoughts

An area of IP that is too often overlooked is that of IP strategy. A company with some level of IP – and every company does have some! – should invest a little time in thinking through their IP strategy. Otherwise the likelihood is that the decisions regarding IP are made without sufficient regard to what the realistic objectives […]

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