Ouzman IP Guarantee

Ouzman IP is different. Our clients tell us that our exceptional service is what makes us stand out from the crowd

What makes Ouzman IP different?

  • Our focus is on understanding your business in order to best add value to your IP
  • Our communication with you is clear, jargon-free, and practical
  • Our aim is to simplify the complexity of IP so that it easy to understand
  • Our approach is always to solve a problem, to give clear options and advice
  • We offer free “added value” services to our clients, such as IP seminars, IP reviews and audits
  • We offer a retainer option to clients, helping them to budget for their IP costs

And best of all, we guarantee that no client will ever be surprised by our charges.

Here’s what our clients say:

Kerrie, founder of Sowing Seeds:                                                       Logo for Sowing Seeds

“I would not hesitate to recommend Ouzman IP Ltd. As a sole trader with a small business in it’s infancy; the whole IP, Copyright and Trade Mark “thing” just seemed mind boggling and to be honest pretty scary! However, it is something that every business needs to address and there is no better time to do it than in the early days.
Bev helped me to understand IP and Copyright and how if affects my business and how to protect it. She also guided me through some complications I came across along the way; it no longer seems as scary and I feel happier knowing I am protecting my business in the long-term.”


Mairi Damer, Director, WORD UP Communications


Ouzman IP to the rescue! It was such a relief to come across an IP specialist who was able to explain the ins and outs of trademark registration and copyright to me in easily understandable, plain English – not once did Bev Ouzman baffle me with legalese or IP jargon. Bev worked through all of my small business needs with me in a clear and concise way, and outlined all the factors I needed to consider for trademark registration and copyright protection of my own work. Bev took the pain out of a complex process, and spent valuable time getting to know me and my business to accurately assess the level of legal protection required. At no point did I feel pressured to go for legal protection beyond my needs or budget. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ouzman IP to any business looking for advice and support to safeguard their all-important intellectual property.