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Accessibility Statement

Ouzman IP had an audit carried out by AA Web Solutions in May 2022 to analyse the accessibility of this website.
The main issues were the following:

  • Colour contrast factors with text over a background photograph. The photographs in headers were removed and replaced with a dark colour background.
  • Alt descriptions were missing on a couple of linked images. Now added e.g. Twitter logo in the footer section.
  • Tab focus state not highlighted. Now highlighting when using tab key.

To further improve the accessibility of the site the “One Click Accessibility” plugin was installed allowing the user to customise the website with the following accessibility options:

  • Increase and decrease text size.
  • Greyscale all colours on the website.
  • High and negative contrast.
  • Light background.
  • Underline all links.
  • Change text to a more readable font.

Some issues such as “Skip to Main Content” were not possible to fix due to the limitations of the WordPress template and Page Builder. Future updates to the site will aim to conform as closely as possible to WCAG 2.1 AA.

If you have experienced an accessibility problem when visiting this website then please contact us and let us know and we will see if it can be repaired or improved?

Please email:

If you wish to have your website audited and improved for accessibility then please contact Alan: